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(h/c)=Hair color
(e/c)=Eye color
(f/c)= Favorite color
(h/l)= Hair length
(y/c)= Your chain

You knew it. The end was nigh.
You stared up at the gigantic chain as it reared high above you, its ugly head tilting towards the sky in a triumphant roar. (Y/c) made a panicked noise, very suited to it; you mused as the world slowed around you. The chain reached towards you with its stubby, filthy legs. Its giant maw opened four ways, revealing row upon row of razor-sharp teeth, still glistening with the blood of its last victim. Its pink, slimy tongue writhed like a snake in its mouth, occasionally getting cut on one of those sword-like teeth. You closed your eyes as it bore down upon you. A single, piercing sound rang out above (y/c)’s screeching, and you looked up after a moment, as you were apparently still alive and in one piece. Your (e/c) eyes widened as you saw the chain, bubbling black ichors, lying in the dirt. You turned your eyes up to see a man lower his gun. He looked at the chain with distaste, looking very mysterious, you thought. You giggled a bit as the chain twitched and the man jumped backwards and instinctively fired at it again, missing completely. The bullet made a small puff of dirt where it hit. You brushed your (h/l), (h/c) hair out of your face, realizing how much of a mess you must appear to be. You shakily stood up, straightening out your (f/c) dress, a little too poufy for your taste. At this, the man looked up from the chain that he was intently staring at, and directed his eyes towards you. You felt your breath catch in your throat as his eyes met yours and he turned to face him. You noted that he had the most beautiful, golden eyes you had ever seen. His hair hung partially in his face, a deep black with just a glimmering hint of blue where the light caught it. His head was topped with a wide-brimmed hat that suited him very well. His dark jacket hung loosely off of his frame, a deep black, like his hair. He smiled sheepishly at you.
“Are you okay?”
His words were like silk. You tried to utter a confirmation, but no sound really seemed to be complying with your motivations and you nodded instead.
“Nice job, Gil!” A younger-sounding male’s voice rang out loudly through the alleyway, followed by the heavy thumping of shoes coming towards them. You whipped around to see a shorter boy, dashing towards you and the man. He had golden hair and emerald-colored eyes. He came to a halt beside the man and turned to look at you. “Who’s this pretty thing?” He asked, unabashedly staring you in the eyes and pulling a bright red rose out of somewhere that you never quite figured out the origin of.
“Oz…” The man muttered quietly, looking uncomfortable.
“I wonder why it’s always the cute ones who get attacked.” The boy the man called Oz extended the hand with the rose towards you.
“Oz!” The man now looked a little worried.
You looked at the rose and the hand holding it for a few moments, utterly exhausted and flustered. Your hand rose hesitantly to the boy’s, and you reached out… and slapped his hand away.
“Wh-what was that for?!” The boy hissed.
“That’s what you get for flirting at a time like this!”
The boy was about to say something when the man stepped in.
“She’s right, Oz. You have to be a little more serious about this.”
“But why?” Oz looked up at the man, pouting.
“We still have to deal with the contractor.” He turned and pointed at a shivering, shaking figure a few yards away.

You sat on the comfy couch at the Vessalius manor, huddled up next to the contractor, who was still shaking. She looked at her feet with dull, brown eyes, and you wrapped your arm around her.
“Sis…” You started, hoping to get some kind of response.
Your little sister simply stared at her feet, unmoving, save for the slight shiver every once and again. The man, who you had learned was Gilbert, was sitting on the couch opposite you, nervously twiddling his thumbs and looking everywhere but at you. You were getting slightly peeved at this, and decided to strike up a conversation.
“You know… That was really heroic of you, saving my life and all that jazz.” You said quietly. He looked up and then away again.
“That? That was nothing…” He blushed a little.
“No, really! It was amazing! Just in time, too!” You persisted, getting louder with gained courage.
“What if I was a second late, though...?” He looked away again. You rolled your eyes.
“Well you weren’t. How’d you learn to shoot like that?”
“Something about a clown…” He muttered, still not meeting your gaze.
There was an awkward silence.
“You’ll never make friends like that.” You huffed.
Gilbert looked up, flustered. “I have friends!”
“Yeah, like who?” you teased, giggling to yourself.
“Um…. Oz…”
“He’s your master, so he doesn’t count.”
“Um… B…. no……. Rei….. Not really… Err… Alice..? No, not her either. Oscar? No…”
At first, you could barely contain your laughter. Now, you just felt bad. You leaned forward and closed the distance between you, putting your hand gently on his and smiling reassuringly.
“I’ll be your friend.”

It had been months since your sister had passed. She had died of hypothermia in the hospital just hours after your offer to be friends with the tall, dark man named Gilbert. As time passed, you grew to learn more about him, and vice versa. You learned of his terrible fear of cats, he learned that your favorite color was (f/c). You learned about his relationship with Break, he learned about how your parents passed. He had even told you about Oz’s first coming-of-age ceremony. You would consider him your best friend at the time.
“Hey, (y/n).” Gilbert hurried into the room and closed the door behind him, seeming a more than a little nervous. You waved nonchalantly.
“What’s up, Gil?” You made some room for him on the couch and patted the seat to signal for him to sit down. Always the skittish one, he sat down on the very edge of the couch, very carefully. He sat stiffly, and stared ahead of him.
“Gil… What’s up?” You asked, more sternly.
“Well… um…” Gilbert looked shyly at you, and then away.
“Out with it.” You rolled your eyes and poked his arm.
“Can I tell you a secret..?” He asked hesitantly, so quietly that you almost didn’t hear him.
“Of course, tell me anything.” You said, genuinely meaning it. “My lips are sealed.”
“Well, I…” Gilbert cleared his throat.
“I, um…”
“You what?”
“I…. um… sort of…..”
“Spit it out already!” You snapped.
“Idon’twanttobefriendsanymore!” He was startled into saying something completely different than what he imagined. You stared at him, a little hurt.
“That’s okay, I-“
“That’s not what I meant!” He said, now sufficiently freaking out. “What I meant to say is that I’ve liked you for a while now, and that I want to-“
His speech was cut off by your lips pressing against his. He blushed a deep red, and hesitantly closed his eyes. You pulled away from the kiss quickly and took his hand in yours.
“Shut up, okay?”
This is a trade.
Where was that sister thing going? i don't even...
Pandora Hearts belongs to Jun Mochizuki, so does Gil.
You belong to you... maybe Gil..?
Your sister belongs to me, I guess.
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Haha, I'm so glad you liked it~! I hope I did a sufficient job of keeping Gil in character. (Note: Vince was watching the whole time. He's out to kill you now ^^)
animewafflelover21 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
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Gilbert is the cutest thing and you made him so in character I can't even
MaverickMattieMikami Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha, it's my first X Reader ever! I'm so glad you liked it! ^^ Maybe we can do another trade like this sometime? I was a little worried that Gil was out of character, but I'm glad that I got it rigt! Also, that bit with Oz was just a lil' extra~! X3
TheRollingScones Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Really?! This is great! I think you did very well! 
Oh yes, the Oz part was adorable. :iconcannotevenplz:

I'll be working on my part later tonight, so I'll let you know when I'm finished. :heart:
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